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I Can’t Afford Social Media that Works

What do I do?

Once upon a time social media was easy. Well, sort of.

At least you could go through the motions of creating a Facebook business page, email campaign, twitter account, blog and have them all work simultaneously with a strategy.

Loved this time in history because social brought a return on investment for the regular small businesses.

Sigh…Now the algorithms change, the social companies have gone public and everyone is out to make a buck.

You have to pay to play and vintage marketing is getting its last laugh.  Vintage marketing such as SEO, Google Adwords, Craigslist, Ebay and YES! Even print, yellow book, flyers and magazines.

What do I do?


1.  Collect First Name & Phone Numbers on a clipboard  when people walk into the store or as people sign-up online.

2.  Add the names and phone numbers to your contact list on your SMARTPHONE.

3.  There is a feature called GROUP.  Tag the group VIP

4.  When there’s a sale, send a message to your VIP group!  FREE.  SIMPLE.

When you have several hundred contacts, feel free to contact me for professional texting options.  For now, this is a simple trick to boost sales to your favorite customers and stay in contact.

EXAMPLE:  I created this for FREE on Mailchimp:  SIGN UP FOR MY VIP PREFERRED PROGRAM  or sign up for my free VIP Give-A-Ways

By the way, I am doing a bunch of simple give-a-ways this year.  Signed books from business icons like Randi Zuckerberg.  Free landing pages you can upload.  My very best leads so you can outsource work on Elance or even Fiverr.  Also, my stories are crazy-honest this year with “Investors to trust and mistrust.”  YIKES!

Don’t miss a beat - VIP Give-A-Ways

Tara Husband,

Edgy Social Media
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Startup BLAAAWS!!!!

Startup Blahs

Once upon a time this girl had a great idea that could change the world. The idea already changed her world, her family’s world and made a few people go WOW.

This girl started building. She spoke with smart people and then smarter people and then even smarter people. Then found rich people plus smart people.  Also, “rich” people who were randomly wordy.

This girl sat in a small corner of space and connected.

  • building a brick at a time the idea grew
  • then rooms
  • her friends and family toured the building. They liked it. When they had trouble moving around, she fixed it.

What happened?  Then the girl looked around her corner and she realized her room was completely empty. Her friends were on outside the room.  The smart and rich people couldn’t see in but they tried.

Startup Blahs

The BLAAAWS set in.

She sat alone.

She thought and thought and thought.  And thought some more.

Alone she sat.


She smiled and sighed when she realized…She just had to turn the corner, open the door and invite her friends and family in.  Her friends came in and the blahs went away.


Tara Husband,
Edgy Social Media
- Posted from my iPhone

Comment if you get this, or if you have the start-up blaaaaws or just to say HI.

DEVELOPERS:  For those deeper in development reading until the end:  The building had no recognizable door handle so her friends and family just looked at the walls.  :)